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 Skin Care Products

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Sheaaa Away Box

Lip Therapy

Our Lip Therapy is made of all-natural beeswax, shea butter, sunflower, and other essential oils.

This balm will help heal chapped and ​​inflamed lips while keeping them moist with its cooling/soothing ingredients.

We'll have your lips poppin'

Lip Therapy comes in two flavors: Berrylicious & Peppermint

Each 5ml Tube or Pot Jar


Lip Therapy

Bug Off Slim


Perfect for the summer and fall seasons.

Birth of Destiny's BOS gives you the comfort of protecting yourself from insect bites(nets, mosquitos, etc.) all while smelling good and your skin feeling fresh.

Our insect repellent is made of all-natural shea butter, alcohol, witch hazel, and essential oils.

This product comes in two sizes:

6 oz spray bottle-$6.00

16 oz refill- $16.00


Faci​al​ toner

You have to try our Lavender water/Rosewater Toner!!

Made with fresh lavender or rose petals, alkaline water, and other natural products, Birth of Destiny's natural made toners will leave your skin feeling clean and fresh! 

2 oz bottle

Colors of Destiny

Sea Moss Green, Pink, Orange, Lime Green

Influenced by a mothers love, every color and scent has a story.  Birth of Destiny has created a product set composed of the favorite colors and smells  of  Yolanda's children. 

"These sets are sure to remind you of the priceless times in life!"

Our Colors of Destiny products are made of all natural Shea butter, Himalayan salt, assorted natural dye(for coloring), soy, and essential oils

Colors of Destiny Set of three includes :

4 oz colored & scented Shea body butter

 4 oz colored & scented Shea butter salt  body scrub

4 oz colored & scented Shea soy candle

 (items not sold separately)

set : $30.00

Colors of Destiny Set